Professor Alain G. Fox

Short Bio.

    After working as a laboratory technician in industry during the period September 1964 to August 1971, Alan completed his BSc (Hons) degree in June 1974 and his PhD degree in June 1982, Alan then worked as a Materials Scientist/Physicist in industry,


  • PhD (Physical Metallurgy and the Science of Materials), Birminham University, United Kingdom
  • BSc (Physics) with first class honours,Aston University, United Kingdom

Research Areas

    The characterisation of materials by analytical scanning and scanning transmission electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction. Examples of materials studied include (a) intermetallic alloys, (b) severely plastically deformed.

Research Grants

  • The Polytechnic, Wolverhampton, UK.
  • F.H. Lloyds Steelworks, Wednesbury, UK.
  • The Science and Engineering Research Council, UK.
  • The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, USA.
  • US Air Force.
  • US Navy in particular the Naval Postgraduate School where Alan was a Faculty member.
  • Total research funds raised approximately 3.0 M dollars U.S.

Industrial Experiences

  • September 1964 to October 1966 at Drynamels Ltd (a coatings manufacturer), Birmingham, UK

Academic and Research Experiences

  • December 1982 to December 1988, Senior Lecturer in Materials Science and Physics at the Polytechnic, Wolverhampton, UK.

Honours and Awards

  • Strauss Award for Technical Achievement while employed at Foseco, April 1981.
  • Research visits to Laboratoire D’Optique Electronique du CNRS, Toulouse, France during summer breaks in 1983 and 1984 funded by The Polytechnic, Wolverhampton and in 1993 funded by the Naval Postgraduate School, USA.
  • Sabbatical taken at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, U.S.A., February 1988 to December 1988. funded by The Polytechnic, Wolverhampton.
  • Achieved status of Chartered Engineer (Europe) November 1983.
  • Mechanical Engineering Departmental Award for Outstanding Research Achievements at the Naval Postgraduate School during calendar year 1992.
  • Mechanical Engineering Departmental Award for Outstanding Teaching Achievements at the Naval Postgraduate School during calendar year 1994.
  • Elected Fellow of Institute of Materials, January 1994.
  • Promoted to Full Professor June 1996.
  • Sabbatical taken at the University of Technology, Sydney during the first six months of 2001 funded by the US Navy.


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  • Telephone: +66 (0) 82-972-7752
  • E-mail: afox at